HughesNet Authorized Retailer


Carol, East Bethel, MN

9 years we’ve been struggling with Hotspots & WIFI devices and expensive bills. NO more! (without internet I would not have a job!) Yesterday we hooked up to satellite (we tried this years ago, it was a little faster than dial up – no thank you!) Well, I guess they’ve figured it out! With HughesNet…

Ken, Forest Lake, MN

Impressed with the total honesty displayed by Kelly and Christine. Would recommend them to anyone. As an old telephone installer, great installation. Clean and neat.

John, Afton, MN

I gladly live in the woods, with trees as my friendly neighbors—until their growing branches obstruct my HughesNet satellite signal. My Internet was weak-to- none when I called for help. HughesNet dispatched Kelly West from West Satellite. He arrived on time—unlike those cable guys—and quickly ascertained my signal strength was 1/3 of what it should…